Saturday, January 26, 2013

The New House

Erik and I have made the big move to Cody! I will go into detail on the move later, but here are some pictures of our new house for Kimberly by request :)
Yah for no more one bedroom house!!
 When you come in the front door the living room is to the left - we have our dear to great you, of course!

Looking straight on when your at the front door.
 The kitchen, yah! So much more room than we used to have! Not loving the tile countertop or backsplash.. put I can live with it. (This room needs some color.. )
 I walked through the kitchen and took this picture of the other side.
 The laundry room. To the left the door goes to the garage, and to the right the door goes onto the porch (yes, a porch - the whole length of the house porch!)
 Going back through the kitchen and dining room is the bathroom.
 And then the master bed room
 The other side of the bed room are the closets (those two doors are both closets, aww!!) and office mumbo jumbo!
 Then downstairs (yes, downstairs... I am in love with all of the space we have) the storage room!
 and the play room!
 Lots of places to stuff/store toys! The second cabinet from the left is for the T.V.
 So nice to have a place for the toys!
 Another view of the toy room (who has a clean toy room?!)
The girl's bathroom
To the right of this bathroom is a spare bedroom, and this is the girls bed room.
Another view of the room.
Thats the house! I didn't take a picture of all the closets we have! I LOVE closets, there is a coat closet by the front door, then in the living room another big closet - a closet in the laundry room and a linen closet upstairs and downstairs!  I obviously have not decorated an ounce of this house, we are still trying to recover from being sick for the last month (literally) but I have got my energy back and am ready to tackle that project!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Lauren has been SO stinkin excited about Halloween, and Yay that it is finally here! We started off out Halloween with the Down Town Lovell Trick-or-Treat on Friday night. As we started getting ready Sawyer would NOT get on her costume! I had a feeling she wouldn't earilier in the week when I tried to get her to try on the tutu I made - she was not having any of it. (yes, I made a tutu! I didn't realize how easy and cheap it is to make tutu's, and it was so fun and easy, that I made one for Lauren's costume also!) So that afternoon Lauren went as a cat, and Sawyer went as a Terrible Two year old!
Look at miss serious Cat Women here..
She was in a posing mood apparently, or else she was trying to be cat-like! I was having a hard time not laughing while I was taking pictures!!
This one is more Lady Lauren!
The next Halloween festivity was Lauren's Preschool Party! She was so excited and told me that they would get to party the whole time at Preschool, no "work!"
Lauren had a blast at her Preschool Party! She LOVES preschool, and her teachers, and friends! I am so grateful to live in a community where she can have such a great preschool!
When Lauren got home from preschool, we ate some dinner and headed over to the trunk-or-treat! Trying to be a sly as possible, I succeeded and got Sawyer into her costume! My mom had bought Sawyer's Lady Bug costume at Pamida when they were selling out all there stuff for cheap, and it ended up being too small for Sawyer. So I thought if I added a tutu it would work, and it did - but I think she looked more like a Strawberry than a Lady Bug! If Sawyer would have let me try the costume on all together sooner, I could have made a green tutu and she could have been a Strawberry :) But, she was a Lady Bug and it worked out just great!
Trunk-or-Treat is a great way to go when you have small kiddos, I think! You can get their buckets filled fast, and then have time to go show off the kids to their Grandma's and Grandpa's!
My little Lady Bug, and Kitty Cat
Erik has a different job (same company), and now he works straight days (instead of a continuous work week) and this was his first Halloween to go trick or treating with the girls! 

We visited Great Grandma Allred, and I forgot to get a picture with her! Then we visited Great Grandma Fran! (and my camera has been taking very blurry pictures lately, and of course I figure out the problem when I get home Halloween night, and have a camera full of blurry Halloween pictures! Oh well, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit, right?!) 

Sawyer was so sweet, she didn't want to leave Grandma Fran!

Erik was set on doing some door to door trick-or-treating, so we went around Cowley to a few places, and then headed to Lovell to visit the Grandparents there! We had a fun night trick-or-treating, the girls ate too much candy - and they still are eating too much candy. I just try to remind myself that I probably ate too much candy during Halloween when I was younger and I made it through ok!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Lovin' the Leaves!

The weather has been so nice lately, and I feel like we need to soak in all the good weather that we can before winter comes! And thanks to abundance of leaves, we had some fun raking up piles and jumping into them! We also had some of those sacks that look like pumpkins and ghost's to fill up with leaves, and that kept us busy for a while! I really thought I might be able to rake up all the leaves to make the yard look nice... and then I started... and then I thought, what was I thinking! I asked Erik if I got the leaves all in a pile could he burn them for me, and he was said "oh, I thought you were just playing around, I was going to mow up the leaves." Music to my ears, Erik! Then I started to have fun!
Sawyer had SO much fun walking through the leaves!
I cannot believe how blonde her hair is getting!
Lauren was determined to fill a sack up all by herself, and no one was allowed to help her!

Lauren is getting ready to jump..

And the landing is good!

Contemplating her next move... 


Corn Maze

This post is a tad bit over due!
About a month ago, we went to the corn maze over in Worland! I have never been to a corn maze, so I was excited to go :) Lauren was antelope hunting with Erik so it was just Sawyer and I with my Mom, Lila, Kandace and her boys!

 Not even half way in, and we are LOST!! Haha! We found that we weren't as smart as we thought we were!!

Since we didn't know how to get out of there, we stopped to take some pictures!

Kandace and her boys!

My mom with my nefew Dylan (who has now outgrown everyone!)

And we are off agian!! With Kandace as the leader we were sure to find the end ;)

You know those times you are excited for your kids to be able to get out and walk, and you think they will enjoy it just as much. Well Sawyer did NOT want to walk!! Because I usually feel bad when we have to drive along time, and think that the kids will just want to run free and wild... I guess I should expect to just hold her, and then she will want to run wild :)

My mom and Lila, trying to make it "fun" for miss Sawyer to walk!!
(I post this because I love Lila's face!!)

We made it!! Everyone jump for joy!

After the jumping Benson was trying to get my attention because he wanted me to take his picture while he jumped!

Wow guys, Sawyer was impressed!!

Dylan looks more like a worm coming out of an apple!
The kiddos! 

The adults :)
Kandace and Lila win "Best Silly Face!" I tried to think of a better silly face, but I panicked and Dylan was taking the picture so I just had to go with something!! I guess being silly (or maybe just weird) comes easier to Kandace and Lila ;)