Saturday, January 26, 2013

The New House

Erik and I have made the big move to Cody! I will go into detail on the move later, but here are some pictures of our new house for Kimberly by request :)
Yah for no more one bedroom house!!
 When you come in the front door the living room is to the left - we have our dear to great you, of course!

Looking straight on when your at the front door.
 The kitchen, yah! So much more room than we used to have! Not loving the tile countertop or backsplash.. put I can live with it. (This room needs some color.. )
 I walked through the kitchen and took this picture of the other side.
 The laundry room. To the left the door goes to the garage, and to the right the door goes onto the porch (yes, a porch - the whole length of the house porch!)
 Going back through the kitchen and dining room is the bathroom.
 And then the master bed room
 The other side of the bed room are the closets (those two doors are both closets, aww!!) and office mumbo jumbo!
 Then downstairs (yes, downstairs... I am in love with all of the space we have) the storage room!
 and the play room!
 Lots of places to stuff/store toys! The second cabinet from the left is for the T.V.
 So nice to have a place for the toys!
 Another view of the toy room (who has a clean toy room?!)
The girl's bathroom
To the right of this bathroom is a spare bedroom, and this is the girls bed room.
Another view of the room.
Thats the house! I didn't take a picture of all the closets we have! I LOVE closets, there is a coat closet by the front door, then in the living room another big closet - a closet in the laundry room and a linen closet upstairs and downstairs!  I obviously have not decorated an ounce of this house, we are still trying to recover from being sick for the last month (literally) but I have got my energy back and am ready to tackle that project!


Danen and Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE it!!! I'm sooooooo beyond excited and happy for you. That house is wonderful and I'm so glad you have so much space for you guys and all your things. I hope you're loving it there!

nina said...

Nice! i'm jealous of all your space. I bet your girls love that playroom!

Shellie and Joshua said...

Love the house! So much space! We miss you here in Byron. Hope you are doing well!

Saundra Wordlaw said...

Nice house and location! You're right about the kitchen, it needs some color. Just putting up some nice curtains will do the job. Also, you have a lot of space so don't hesitate to maximize it. When your space is big, the furniture that you should buy should be huge too, to balance rooms. Your girls must be loving the playroom. It's a great idea to have a room like this when you have kids at home. It makes it easier for us to clean up, unlike letting them play anywhere, you have to pick up their toys all over the house. I look forward to seeing your house fully decorated. Good luck! :)

Saundra Wordlaw