Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun with Lauren

I just recently noticed that it has been 3 weeks since I last posted.. So I thought I should probably get posting! Nothing to exciting has happend lately, Erik and I have been able to enjoy a few dates for the first time in a LONG time! We went to Billings for my dad to get some parts, and then we went on a date with JT and Nicole! It was really fun to do something together for a change!

In other news (like Lauren)... Lauren got her 4 month shots yesterday. FOUR months, I can't believe she is four months, she is really 4 1/2 months. Of course she cried, but it didn't take much to calm her down! I was proud of my little girl! So after the four shots she got I decided she needed a treat! Last week at dance Jill Marchant was telling me were she bought bows for her Lauryn's hair, and said they were really cheap at the Hen House. So I thought I would go see what it was all about and see if I could find something for my Lauren! Well if you havn't been the the Hen House, I would suggest you go! It is a really cute store and I did find some cute headbands with bows for Lauren!
I know this flower is about the size of her head, but I just couldn't help but get it!! I think it is absolutly adorable! Erik thought it was a little much, but for special occasions I think it is perfect!

Her new favorite thing is to suck on her bottom lip. I don't really know why, but whatever keeps her happy :)

I was trying to be a photographer, but I am not as good as I want to be. It was fun playing around though!

This was the other bow I got her (2 came in the pack and it was only like 3 dollars!) It is really handy because all of her bows can clip on to a headband, so you only need one head band and any bow you want! Unless of course you want different colored headbands!

I am also excited because my sister-in-law Kimberly made some fancy bows for Lauren as well and they are sitting at Erik's mom's house right now so I need to go get those and doll my baby up! Thanks Kimberly :)

As you can see Lauren is starting to chub up a little! This picture makes her checks look super cubby because she is TOTALLY relaxed! She had a little fever after her shots so she wasn't feeling her best I don't think. But her fever went down this morning and she is back to her normal self.

This is were Lauren sits at Grandma Jolley's house! It is so sweet to see her and my mom cooking and doing the dishes! My mom just sings and talks to her while she does her normal routine, you can tell she has been in the Grandma business for a while!

Lauren is growing so fast! She has found a new pitch that only dogs can hear, and she is starting to giggle. She won't giggle much for me, but my dad and Erik can get her laughing pretty good!

I am debating whether or not to start Lauren on cereal yet. Some people say to wait until they are 6 months and some start at 3. So we will see how that turns out! I know it's not a big deal, but it is for Lauren :)

I have been asked to sub for the other 5th grade teacher at Cowley Friday through Wednesday afternoon, so I will get to work with my mom this coming week! I enjoy subbing, but Lauren doesn't always enjoy the babysitter which makes it harder for me to sub. I don't know if it is the different environment that she doesn't like or if she misses me, but my babysitter says that she is fussy most of the time. So we will see how she does!


Michaell & Madison said...

Lacey she is so cute! and i love her bows! i think i am going to have to go into the hens house (where is it by the way?) hey and i never said thanks for coming over and saving me! it was so fun to hang out with you! you are looking so good you sexy thing!

Tracy said...

Hey Lacey...Little Lauren is starting to look like her Mom!! What a CUTIE!! :-)

Nick and Lindi said...

Wow... she's getting so big and changing all the time. I LOVE being able to watch it! (Thank goodness for the lovely blog invention) She is looking more like you all the time! I LOVE her cute headbands with the flowers and bows. Hope all is well!

Trevor & Andrea said...

Lacey she is ADORABLE!!! no doubt;) i love reading your blog!

Kimberly Lynn said...

I'm so glad you posted new pictures! It kinda made me want to cry though. Lauren is getting so big and I'm so sad that I haven't seen her in forever. I can't wait until Christmas and I can hold her! I'm excited to make some more bows with you. I hope the ones I already made work out. And have you decided on how you want to do Lauren's name for the vinyl? If you have any ideas let me know. We can try and work it out so that I can give it to you at Christmas.

Kim said...


Lauren is getting so big! I really want Kenley to stay little forever. I love the hen house bows too, they're super cute.